Here at Faulty Robot we are all in on AI. It’s the most exciting thing to hit the internet since animated gifs. The problem we see with most solutions is they focus on getting people access to the AI but giving the full freedom (or responsibility) in learning the best inputs to achieve the best outputs.

We think that’s unfair. Why not help the users generate their own content but in a way that maximizes their chance of success?

That’s why we created Johnny5. Johnny5 in a wrapper for ChatGPT that allows you to capture user inputs and use them in prompts that you optimize. It’s almost like an AI Madlib. The user gets the benefit of being able to input their own data but they don’t have to become AI experts to get the best results.

Want to see it in action?

What’s for Dinner
I’m Bored
Happy Haikus
Instant Bedtime Story